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New Year’s Eve Flash Mob Resolution Write-In

Thursday, December 31, 2020

7 - 9 pm. CST

(8 Eastern, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific)

Your host: Joni Foster, veteran resolution-writer and owner of Red Raku Press

It started 21 years ago on a lark. It was the end of 1999. My not-yet husband and I invited a few others over to our penthouse apartment to watch the New Year's fireworks from the sky. It popped into my head to play a game of writing down our resolutions. Everyone booed, but I persisted. And so the first entry into the Resolution Book began; which has continued every year since with enthusiasm. Each year we set aside time together; and we invite any visitors to add their resolves to our book.

This year, in the middle of a pandemic, we invite you to participate. But bring your own book, grab your favorite beverage, and let's Zoom.

Send me a note: to get the Zoom Link

· Meet and greet folks from all over the country

· Participate in a year look-back

· Make your own intentions for 2021

· Start the New Year feeling good


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